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Company Presentation

Having spent 15 years of her career as an independent choreographer, Lina Cruz went on to create Productions Fila 13 in 2003. The mission of this company is to support the choreographer’s artistic vision in the creation of dance and/or musical performances.

Lina Cruz and Productions Fila 13 are becoming increasingly more present on the Canadian scene and abroad. As choreographer, Cruz creates works for Fila 13, but she also tries to bring the art of dancing and of making music closer together. The company will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2012, but until then, it will continue to focus on highlighting the stages of the creative process, both for the professional and for audiences. Throughout this process, the choreographer shares her creative approach, expressing it as much through the costumes and accessories she selects, as through the integration of movement and voice/music.


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