Lentswe la Setjhaba "Voice of the Nation"

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«Lentswe la Setjhaba “Voice of the Nation”» is a multi-disciplinary choreography that hybrids the Africa traditional aesthetic with African contemporary, specifically the urban dance form Pantsula, Afro-House, African Traditional music and Gumboots in relation to rhythm of our everyday life memories. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead,” by Nelson Mandela. The work is inspired by the legacy of Nelson Mandela the idea of “Rainbow Nation”, His passion to move forward from the past to the future with one nation. He fought for human rights and was the hope of South African nation and power to survival under the Apartheid regime. Growing up in South Africa during the apartheid system I only had dance, which was taken place on the streets (not an idea of dance school with wooden floor and full mirrored studio), but as a tool for healing, to keep us survive and protect us from Apartheid era life condition. Dance and music were a way of surviving the trauma and the obstacles we had to faced. «Lentswe la Setjhaba “Voice of the Nation”» exist to collaborate the abundance of engagement with my Diasporas and the community from the townships I grow up in South Africa, as well as registering the aspect of our daily life into a collective memory and living heritage. The production create a safe space to open up dialogues of engagement with the invisible minority artists, inviting them to ask the question: what is our place in the dance community and in the Ontario dance sector at large?, and also ground in the idea that Urban African dance performance in public space is an act of cultural transformation and an attempt to reunite art with the daily life of the community, and to make art accessible to all.


Mafa Makhubalo


Costumes: Brain Moyo, Tamla Matthews and Mafa Makhubalo; Musique: Brain Moyo, Walter Maclean, Mafa Makhubalo Interprètes : Mafa Makhubalo, Tamla Matthews, Aisha Nicholson, Emilie Jabouin, Teddy Masuku, Brain Moyo, Walter Maclean



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- Lentswe la Setjhaba “Voice of the Nation” NaN #ERROR! NaN Lentswe la Setjhaba “Voice of the Nation” Mafa Dance Village Odyscène
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