Digital Strategy


This is a pivotal moment for the dance and performing arts sector in transitioning to digital maturity. Artists and presenters are confronted with the transformation of performing arts audiences: creation is being dematerialized, the show experience is broadcast live or presented as a recorded version on digital platforms, and more than ever, the ability to stream shows online is providing access to high-quality foreign content. As with all sectors, going digital is changing work tools as well as collaboration, production and communication methods. These changes represent significant challenges that must be met with a collective response.


La danse sur les routes du Québec’s digital strategy is a process that strives for consistent action to accelerate the success of a true digital culture in dance performance and audience development. To accomplish this, La DSR tends to mainstream digital tools, processes and values in its organizational management and activities.


  • Support dance companies and presenters in adopting digital processes for promoting their work, putting on performances and developing dance audiences;
  • Strengthening the discoverability and interoperability of dance data in the digital world;
  • Pool digital tools and data;
  • Develop the skills of La danse sur les routes du Québec’s team to be aware of, use, collaborate with and design digital work tools or processes.


The following principles are fundamental in achieving La danse sur les routes du Québec’s digital vision: collaboration, co-creation, co-development, innovation, openness and knowledge-sharing.


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