Support and Equity Policy

Montreal, February 2022

La danse sur les routes du Québec continues to work actively to improve inclusiveness and equity through the development of its programs and initiatives.

This policy aims to combat all forms of discrimination, whether physical, cultural, monetary, social or artistic.

The objective of this policy is to support Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC), those in the LGBTQ2+ community; single parents as well as persons with a disability.

This policy is based on good faith, kindness and respect. All applications are eligible. Anyone who meets La DSR’s membership requirements can take advantage of this Support and Equity Policy. It is possible to receive more than one type of support at a time.

Support offered each season:

  • 1 Jouer dehors grant: 50% discount on annual fees;
  • 10 free registrations for Parcours Danse;
  • 10 free memberships per year;
  • 3 free spots per training session organized by La DSR.

Depending on the number of applications, a draw could be held. 

We encourage anyone experiencing difficulties (physical access, translation, interpretation, etc.) with access to the offices, activities or services of La DSR to contact Member Services Coordinator Hélène Briais. La DSR’s team will implement any necessary accommodation measures.

For any emergency or exceptional situation please contact La DSR’s team at any time.


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