Details and rules
Parcours Danse 2023

Matisiwin nimiwin, the Dance of Life

Eruoma Awashish

Artistic objectives and content targets

  • Offering programming that reflects the choreographic creation of Quebec members. 
  • Offering high-quality activities that focus on bringing together presenters, international partners, artists and agents. 
  • Helping participants maintain lasting professional relationships. 
  • Encouraging diverse programming featuring the work of dance artists, coproductions, residency projects or cultural mediation and artistic projects.

Registration and rates

Registration will occur in two phases: 

  1. At the Pre-Event and at Parcours Danse 2023 – starting April 14, 2023.
  2. At the Showcases and activities – Fall 2023.

Registration with Member Rate

  • Requirement: you must be a member at the time of purchase.
  • Honorary members have free access to the event.

Registration with Non-Member Rate

  • All dance and cultural professionals, presenters, as well as representatives of public authorities, are welcome to register.

Registration with Presenter Rate

  • To qualify for this rate, you must be a member or non-member organization presenting dance in a professional setting.

Registration of artists included in the Official Selection or the OFF Showcases

  • Artists, companies and collectives register at least one internal representative of the project (or the artist) to Parcours Danse at the current rate. The presence of artists in the Official Selection or the OFF Showcases at Parcours Danse is mandatory.
  • An agent is considered an external representative and must have their own registration.
  • Organizations that provide services are considered external representatives and must have their own registration.
  • Organizations that have associate artists are considered external representatives and must have their own registration. 
  • In the case of artists associated with an organization, each of the artists carrying out activities or performances must have their own registration.

Registration of Graduates

  • The EDCM, the École supérieure de ballet, the École de danse de Québec, the Dance Department of UQAM and the Dance Department of Concordia University may request free registration to Parcours Danse for a graduate of their choice.

Registration of Parcours Danse Partners

  • Presenter partners and other partners may request free registration to Parcours Danse for 1 or 2 team members, depending on the value of the agreement.
  • Public partners may request free registration to Parcours Danse for 1 to 4 team members, depending on the value of the agreement.

Refund, Cancellation and Interest Policies

  • Requests to cancel a registration should be sent by email to Aude Watier.
  • In case of a cancellation before November 13, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded.
  • Starting November 13, no refunds will be made.
  • In any case, registration is non-exchangeable and non-transferable. In case of a transfer of registration due to a change in staff members, a fee of $25 + tax will be automatically applied.  
  • Fee must be paid by November 25 for your registration to be valid. Registrations made after this date must be paid immediately. If a participant does not pay the registration fee on time, interest of 10% per month will be charged, up to a maximum of $150.
  • Institutions and individuals who require a grace period can request to waive the interest charges and make arrangements with La DSR by contacting Aude Watier

Draw for 10 free registrations to Parcours Danse

Access to the Event

The Support and Equity Policy applies to anyone residing in Quebec or on the Indigenous lands of the province, who meets La DSR’s membership requirements. The application must be made via the registration form for Parcours Danse by August 11, 2023 at midnight. The draw is primarily for individuals, not organizations. All applicants will be contacted following the draw. See our Support and Equity Policy.

  • Registrations are per person and are non-transferable. 
  • Access to the activities is open to presenters in priority.
  • Access to Parcours Danse is reserved for participants who have accreditation
  • When an activity is full, participants are invited to come to the door to wait for available spaces.
  • Register is obligatory for the MONTREAL DANCE AWARDS – RSVP.
  • The Friday night party is open to all. 



  • Ad content must not promote an activity that conflicts with the official Parcours Danse programming. 
  • Ads and promotional videos must be submitted by the deadline set by La DSR. 

Complaints Process 

Complaints must be submitted by email to the Parcours Danse Director, Annie-Claude Coutu Geoffroy, and be worded in a way that facilitates a constructive, professional and respectful discussion. Complaints containing offensive or disrespectful language will be dismissed. 

For harassment-related complaints, please see the harassment Prevention Policy.

Official selection

OFF Showcases

Parcours in situ

Parcours exploratoire



L’organisation sélectionnée n’est pas
membre de La danse sur les routes.