Parcours danse

Call for projects
Official selection 2023 (closed)

The Parcours Danse Biennial Event will take place in Montreal from November 27 to December 1st, 2023.

Parcours Danse is an integral part of La danse sur les routes du Québec (La DSR)’s mission, which is to work closely with artists, companies and presenters to advance dance, sustain its vitality and increase its audience. Developed and produced by La DSR, Parcours Danse has positioned itself as one of the leading platforms dedicated exclusively to dance in North America. It brings together up to 300 professionals from Quebec, Canada and abroad, including some 100 presenters and some 150 artists, creative companies, agents and other cultural workers. 

The programming of Parcours Danse tends to show a diverse picture of dance by selecting official showcases, facilitating the presentation of off-program works and organizing content-related activities that nurture and reinforce ties between artists, agents and presenters.

The Official Selection for the 2023 edition includes some 20 projects, including full-length works, excerpts, seminar demonstrations, site-specific projects, content-related activities, cultural mediation projects and digital projects. We are looking for projects with a variety of aesthetics, from contemporary dance, classical ballet and jazz to urban dance, powwow, jigging and flamenco, among others.

La danse sur les routes du Québec’s values include enhancement, openness, leadership, growth, commitment and transparency.  

Commitment to Indigenous and Diverse Artists

Anti-Harassment Policy

Support and equity policy


Support offered each season:

– 10 free registrations for Parcours Danse

– 10 free memberships per year (0 left for 2022-23 season)

Depending on the number of applications, a draw could be held.

For assistance in submitting an application for this Call for Projects or for any questions, please
Annie-Claude Coutu Geoffroy, Director of Parcours Danse, Territorial and International Development.

Official Selection process 

The selection of projects presented at Parcours Danse is made by a jury of paid peers. The process leading to the selection of performances is part of La DSR’s approach to strive for greater equity to all applicants, including consultation with paid peers who are culturally representative or specialized in the proposed dance form.


Official Selection Jury’s Commitment and Responsibilities  

Proficiency: Judges shall fulfill their obligations using their knowledge, skills and experience. They shall recognize applications for which external expertise is required. 

Integrity: Judges shall conduct themselves fairly and honestly. They shall make decisions based on fairness and declare conflicts of interest. 

Respect: Judges shall show consideration for all persons with whom they interact in the performance of their duties. They shall respect the confidentiality of the deliberations, avoid any form of discrimination and pay attention to it. 

In their deliberations, the judges shall take into account the diversity of Quebec’s dance creation by balancing genres, dance forms, target audiences (young audiences, families or general audiences), territory and equity issues.

The jury’s evaluation criteria are based on the following :

Project’s artistic consistency (60%) 

  • Artistic consistency of the proposal in terms of content and form 
  • Outstanding project in terms of boldness, uniqueness or sensitivity 
  • Context of creation (organization’s resources, region, target audience, etc.) 
  • If applicable, equity issues (Indigenous background, cultural diversity, race, disability, region, parity, LGBTQ++, diversity of dance practices, emerging artists, etc.) 

Clarity of artistic approach and purpose (20%) 

  • Ability to clearly communicate the artistic process and the purpose of the work

Touring Potential (20%) 

  • Realistic and achievable tour goals
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve set touring objectives


Prerequisites and conditions

  • Being a La DSR member in 2022–23
  • All members in good standing of La DSR can submit their file, with the exception of honorary members, interns and associates. Becoming a Member
  • The artistic project team must be available from November 27 to December 1st , 2023
  • Candidates must have their headquarters in Quebec or on the Indigenous lands of the province


  • No deposit fees
  • The application can be submitted in either English or French
  • Upon request, La DSR can provide assistance in preparing the application


  • If there are any access or equity issues associated with the criteria, La DSR invites candidates to contact its team to discuss these and find solutions (please see our Support and Equity Policy)
  • Please complete the form by February 1st, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.
  • If submitting multiple projects, the artist, company or collective should fill out a separate form for each project. Note that it is possible to submit the same project in full-length and in excerpt, on the same form
  • Since this presentation is part of a market development event, no compensation shall be provided to the company by La DSR

The selected companies, collectives or artists demonstrate their commitment in the following ways :

  • Renewing their La DSR membership for 2023–2024
  • Registering at least one internal representative for the project or the artist to Parcours Danse at the regular rate, the presence of the artists in the official selection process at Parcours Danse is essential. An external representative such as an agent must have his or her own registration.
  • Consenting, after a project is selected by the jury, to the determination by La DSR (with the artists) of the capacity and level of adaptation of the project for its presentation based on available resources on both sides
  • Provide the technical resources necessary to conduct the showcase
  • Meeting deadlines set by La DSR, which are subject to change 
  • Collaborating on the Parcours Danse’s promotional campaign by sharing La DSR posts regarding the event on social media and complying with La DSR’s recommendations in their own communications in this regard 
  • Executing the presentation with integrity in relation to the proposal submitted 
  • Communicating any major changes to the production to La DSR 
  • Accepting the assigned date, schedule, venue and order of presentation provided
  • Providing the required texts about the performance in French, English or both languages for the Parcours Danse program by the deadline and according to the criteria agreed upon with La DSR 
  • Mentioning the contribution of La DSR and Parcours Danse 2023 in their communications, grant applications and various reports
  • Participating in 3 rounds of information collection for Parcours Danse 2023 to measure the impact of the event (between January 2023 and January 2024)
  • Before signing the contract, informing La DSR of any exclusive rights with a presenter in relation to their show selected for Parcours Danse
  • Meeting the health standards in effect in Quebec at the time of the event, if applicable

La DSR demonstrates its commitment in the following ways :

  • Providing, at its expense, with help from partners and for the entire event preparation and presentation process, the presentation location, technical resources, except for driving the showcase,  or any other component required for the performance, as approved by La DSR’s production management team  
  • Producing a complete program for the 4-5 days of the event, including a description of all the shows included in the official programming of Parcours Danse 
  • Announcing the participation of the company or artist on La DSR’s website and in a promotional campaign on social media 
  • Using only the visuals (photos, videos) provided by the company or its representative in creating their promotional tools 
  • Organizing networking events and lively discussions to promote networking between companies, artists, agents and presenters 
  • Offering participating companies, artists and agents the opportunity to meet with presenters from all origins
  • Promoting and coordinating the participation of international, Canadian and Quebec-based presenters
  • Offering high-quality performance conditions in collaboration with the venues and within the capacity limits of partners and available budgets 
  • Recognizing equity issues, the impacts of colonialism and the notion of privilege in its activities and sector 
  • Honouring and respecting the cultural specificities of artistic practices 
  • Providing services in a spirit of openness, listening, empowerment and self-determination of Indigenous and culturally diverse artists 
  • Collaborating with culturally representative professionals who are sensitive to the specific issues of Indigenous and culturally diverse artists 
  • Participating in the development of artistic practices and change efforts in the sector 
  • Developing partnerships with legitimate and culturally representative organizations

Types of showcases offered


Presentation with technical production, depending on the conditions of the venue and the resources available, possibility of a short interview

  • Project already created, may or may not have been presented previously
  • In-venue, site-specific, digital or dance film project
  • Long or short work


Presentation with technical production, depending on the conditions of the venue and the resources available, possibility of a short interview 

  • Project already created or being created, may or may not have been presented previously
  • In-venue, site-specific, digital or dance film project



Interactive facilitated presentation on a show or atypical project, with or without excerpts with simple technical production, depending on available resources, possibility of an exchange with participants

  • Project being created or executed
  • In-venue, site-specific, digital, dance film or cultural mediation project


If the categories above do not accurately describe the project, please specify

 Deadline :

February 1st 2023 at midnight (closed)


L’organisation sélectionnée n’est pas
membre de La danse sur les routes.