À propos / History

Founded in 1997, La Danse sur les routes du Québec (DSR) is a consulting and services organization that unites professionals working in dance presentation across Quebec. Within its available resources, DSR supports, equips and advises on projects by dance presenters.

A brief bio of DSR

  • DSR is made up of 110 members including: 28 presenting organizations, 15 associates (presentation networks in Quebec and Canada), 40 dance companies, 22 choreographers and 5 interns.
  • It has a team of 4 permanent employees with a deep and mixed expertise: A Director General and an Assistant Director General, a Communications and Administration Coordinator and a Program Coordinator for Jouer dehors.
  • DSR is dedicated to providing information and education. It supports dance expertise, dance presentations and audience development throughout its service area.

Historical Milestones

1997 to 2000 — Founding

In 1997, The RQD launched a pilot project entitled Pour que la danse reprenne les routes du Québec. After just two years, its results greatly surpassed expectations and three important conclusions were drawn:

  • Awareness activities for community dance are the cornerstone of success
  • Recurring dance presentations are essential to public development
  • Collaboration creates a positive attitude and a better recognition of respective realities.

2000 to 2007 — Construction

The DSR was incorporated and became an RQD not for profit organization. The DSR structures its actions and offers annual services including:

  • Three programming meetings
  • A series of training programs for public development agents
  • A website that includes an annual directory with 220 shows by 90 companies and choreographers
  • Parcours danse, a three day event that includes conferences, arts presentations, networking opportunities and training
  • A complete report on the development training work for each city and a statistical compilation of the shows and activities offered
  • Meetings and training for dance companies
  • Le Cahiers des routes, a dance publication


  • Presenters offer creative residencies, become hosting partners for international tours and co-productions
  • Audience presentations and a training conference was given for 225 cultural workers in fifteen cities.

2008 to the present — Expansion

After consolidating its programs and services, DSR has rooted itself in the community by:

  • Supporting a greater number of presenters
  • Diligent coordination with other presenting networks in Quebec and Canada
  • Increasing the number of participants from other cities in Parcours Danse
  • The creation of Jouer dehors
  • Increased participation in presentation platforms for performing arts
  • Implementing an assembly of members in good standing

The presence of DSR in various environments that contribute to a broader vision of the issues surrounding the presentation of dance. DSR frequently collaborates with (or is a member of) the following groups:

  • Accès Culture Montréal
  • Atlantic Moves
  • Candance
  • Capacoa
  • CDEC- Plateau Mont-Royal
  • Conseil Québécois des ressources humaines en culture
  • Culture Montréal
  • Canadian Dance Assembly
  • Conseil des arts de Montréal
  • Le Regroupement des arts de rue
  • Le Regroupement Québécois de la danse
  • Les Arts et la ville
  • les Prix de la danse de Montréal
  • Made in BC
  • Objectif Scène
  • Ontario Dances
  • Réseau Centre
  • Réseau Scènes
  • A perspective on up and coming artists

Since its founding in 1997, DSR has been involved in the following:

  • 2,264 introduction to dance activities
  • 1,000 dance presentations in Quebec
  • 400,000 people invited to dance at a show or an activity
  • 3.9 million dollars paid to companies

DSR’s model is regularly cited as an exemplary practise in Canada and it has inspired other provinces and disciplines. This has lead directly to the implementation of: Made in BC (2005), Ontario Dances (2008), Vers une circulation de la musique au Québec (2009) and Atlantic moves (2011).

Awards & Recognition

  • Prix Partenariat RIDEAU (1999)
  • Publication of a study about DSR in Maitre diffuseur, CAPACOA /RIDEAU (2010)
  • National Arts Centre Award /CAPACOA for its exceptional contribution to touring activities in Canada (2010)
  • Nomination for the Prix Partenariat RIDEAU (2011)
  • Nomination for the Prix Citoyens de la culture (2011).