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Alan Lake Factori(e)


Alan Lake Factori(e) is a multidisciplinary contemporary dance company based in Quebec, founded in 2007 by choreographer and director Alan Lake. The company stands out for its fusion of dance, cinema, and visual arts, creating a unique artistic language that explores raw and symbolist worlds, highlighting the profound relationship between humans and their environment. Alan Lake Factori[e] is actively committed to promoting contemporary dance and choreographic research through performances, workshops, classes, lectures, and related activities. Deeply integrated into Quebec’s artistic community, the company undertakes major projects that invigorate the art of dance in the national capital and beyond. The company’s creations, such as “Chaudière, déplacement et paysages” (2009), “Là-bas le lointain” (2012), “Jardins-Catastrophes” (2014), and “Ravages” (2015), have been acclaimed by both critics and audiences, expanding their reach. In 2016, “Les Caveaux” was created in a disused warehouse in Limoilou. “Le cri des méduses” (2018), inspired by Théodore Géricault’s painting “The Raft of the Medusa,” gave rise to a dance film and a large-scale performance. In 2021, “Le Cycle des parades” blended dance, cinema, and visual arts, giving birth to “PARADES” the choreographer’s fourth stage work. In 2023, Alan Lake collaborates with the Théâtre du Trident to create “The Myth of Orpheus,” a new large-scale work at the intersection of dance and theater.

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Alan Lake Factori(e)

Le cri des méduses

Alan Lake Factori(e)


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