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Alejandro Sajgalik


Alejandro Sajgalik is a choreographer, composer and performer. His pieces explore metaphysical uprootedness and the bewitching power of technology. In Montreal, he presented his solos N’importe où hors du monde (2018), Cantos para los insaciables (2019), and Materia Prima (2022). He is currently working on his next piece Nova Express premiering in 2024, for 6 dancers and organ pipes. His work has received support from the Canada Council for the arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. Combining acousmatic composition, contemporary dance, and epics-inspired dramaturgy, his practice is a quest towards the total work of art. The metamorphosis of our raw matter—our breath, our voice and our gestures—sheds lights upon our depths and our environment. From the fault lines emerge new sounds and the resonance of our cellular memory. Beyond the forces that seek to impose what humans ought to be, he contemplates the potential of our springlike intuitions.


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