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Compagnie Forward Movements


Propelled by the ideology of Boogaloo (a street dance style meaning “freedom dance”), Forward Movements sets out to explore the spatial and rhythmic possibilities within dance movement. The company explores the dynamics between bodies, spaces and sounds, creating intergalactic journeys where music, dance and cinema intertwine. Supporting the artistic vision of Ford Mckeown Larose, Forward Movements is dedicated to the production of dance works, the organization of street dance gatherings and battles, the preservation and perpetuation of street dance through cultural and social outreach, workshops and conferences as well as the development of cultural projects in neighborhoods in need of better access to arts. Forward Movements explores the boundaries of freedom. Through multiple artistic proposals, the company invites everyone boarding its spaceship to take off and reach outer space.

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Creatura – Court Métrage

Compagnie Forward Movements


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