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Lucy Fandel


6317 rue Saint-Denis


, QC


Lucy Fandel
+1 514 975-5961


Lucy Fandel is a dance artist based in Tio’tià:ke / Montreal. She grew up in Concord, MA (USA) and Beaulieu sur Mer (France) and studied dance and sociology at Concordia University. She especially loves places where waters and winds move in great streams. Through choreography, performance, teaching and writing she explores how to connect to the poetry of movement in ourselves and our surroundings. Lucy has the joy of collaborating and performing with artists including Allison Moore, Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux, Nickle Peace-Williams and the collectives Daughter Product and As They Strike, among others.

Work(s) represented

Le penchant des pierres / The Sway of Stone

Lucy Fandel


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