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Trip The Light Fantastic


2459 Rue Saint Catherine Est


, QC


Kyra Jean Green
514 655-6469


Trip The Light Fantastic, founded by Kyra Jean Green, is a dance company dedicated to exploring the intricacies of human perception through the language of dance and mixed media. Employing contemporary and urban styles along with structured improvisation, the company delves into the raw realities of the individual psyche and challenges societal stigmas that hinder genuine liberation. This exploration seeks to inspire positive change in its audience. The company debuted in 2017 at the Festival Quartiers Danses in Montreal, Canada, and has since presented works in Panama, Denmark, New York, and Portugal. In 2021, Trip The Light Fantastic was invited to participate in C2 as the in-house dance company. Kyra Jean Green, the founder, is a highly accomplished choreographer. In 2007, she won the Hubbard Street II choreographic competition, leading to a commissioned evening at the Kennedy Center. Kyra has showcased her choreographic works at esteemed venues, including The Center for Performance and Research, CHOP SHOP, F.A.T., Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival, Dance Conference U.S.A, Quinzena de Dança de Almada, Offset Dance Fest, and CICC. In 2019, she created new works in Germany and Seattle, Washington, presenting two choreographic pieces from her company at the Prisma Dance Festival in Panama. Through her choreography, Kyra continues to push boundaries and offer a fresh perspective to the world of dance.

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The Smile Club – Film

Trip The Light Fantastic


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