Companies / Aurélie Pedron (chorégraphe indépendante) / Lilith & Cie

Company Presentation

Sensitive to the rare and precious states of metamorphosis offered by both art and experience, the artist and choreographer Aurélie Pedron creates perpetually renewed encounters that play with duration and create a deep intimacy between location, performer and audience. Unsettling our expectations, the maker reaches out to us to leave a sometimes subtle, yet durable trace. Founded in 2013, her company Lilith & Cie is devoted to the research, creation and dissemination of works intersecting performance, choreography and installation. The company’s productions waive performing arts codes and invite us to consider reality otherwise. In parallel, through Pedron’s social and inclusive values, Lilith & Cie leads creative projects with youths either marginalized or self-identifying as marginalized.


  • Aurélie Pedron (chorégraphe indépendante) / Lilith & Cie