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Company Presentation

Founded in 1982, Danse-Cité is a research, creation, production and presentation company dedicated to the advancement of contemporary dance. The company’s unique structure is designed to reflect the dance milieu’s needs and to showcase independent, groundbreaking works, which founder Daniel Soulières typifies as danse d’auteur. Danse-Cité is different from most dance companies in that it is not focused on a single resident choreographer, but rather partners with a variety of artists, presenting their works in different venues. It is a place where all have an opportunity to flourish and excel. This bold, nomadic company produces four works a year, for an average of 32 performances involving some 50 artists. Its project-by-project management approach allows it greater flexibility in its actions, which can be adapted to the imperatives of each work, artist and venue. The company can thus freely use its artistic, technical, promotional and administrative resources throughout the processes of selection, creation, production and presentation.

Since its inception, Danse-Cité has worked with the same conviction as its founder, positioning itself as an indispensable part of the network of resources and support available to artists. Its mission: to stimulate creation, to assist artists in their explorations and push them to excel, thereby guaranteeing the public—aficionados and novices alike—experiences that are totally new. Its objectives: to encourage artistic research, to create new and original dance productions, to expand its dance teams, to guide and train emerging artists, to enhance the visibility of contemporary dance, and to facilitate the public’s access to the discipline. Since september 2019, Daniel Soulières and Sophie Corriveau are the general and artistic directors.


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