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Company Presentation

Since it was first founded, this company has added numerous works to its repertoire, including pieces for the general public, young audiences and in situ performances. Works include Twis-manivelle, Dieu ne t'a pas créé juste pour danser, Les Précédents, RAYON X: A true decoy story and BEHIND: Une danse dont vous êtes le héros. Artistic Director Marie Béland has elaborated a choreographic universe that combines physical virtuosity with theatre, absurd humour and popular music. Her vision puts a spotlight on the discipline of dance in order to reveal the backstage mechanisms and even the foibles of performance through seemingly carefree pieces that actually express profound ideas about human nature and social issues. Rapport with the audience is an important part of Béland’s work, so she tries to meet with her audiences as much as possible and always keeps their desires at the heart of every piece.


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