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Company Presentation

Des pieds des mains Productions presents progressive and inclusive shows that showcase atypical and diverse artists, actors and dancers with the goal of provoking an artistic and social dialogue. The artistic works are the result of an interdisciplinary approach combining contemporary dance and experimental theatre and are destined as much for the dance as the theatre audiences. The different shows have been presented countless of times in Montreal’s professional venues (Tangente, Théâtre La Chapelle, maisons de la culture, théâtre Prospero...) and at international festivals in Canada, Belgium, France and Japan. The company also produces short films (Rehearsing the Lesson, Le Songe chorégraphique de M.Malade et Eurêka!) that are distributed in film festivals across the globe. Founded in 2004, by multidisciplinary artist Menka Nagrani, the company is the first one in Quebec to actively train and hire artists with cognitive impairments.