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Pierre-Paul Savoie is known for multidisciplinary works that incorporate strong images and compelling questions. Choreographer, performer and director, he has worked in stage, film, and television for major theatre, music, and circus companies. Breaking away from the model of one choreographer per company, he has opted for a more open creation structure. His style is honed through his ever-increasing collaborations and commissions, bringing together artists from different horizons. By confronting the language of others, he redefines his own. The works that best reflect his approach are Diasporama, Contes pour enfants pas sages, Danse Lhasa Danse, Les Chaises, and Bagne-recréation or Corps Amour Anarchie/Léo Ferré. As artistic director, he shapes these collaborative projects, working with other artists in symbiosis and sharing creative space while striving for accessibility in creations that bear his distinctive signature.


  • PPS Danse
    • 4430, rue Parthenais
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