Diagnostic of the Dissemination of Dance for Young Audiences


We have the opportunity to work with children and young people in ways that affirm their identi­ties, challenge their taken-for-granted assumptions, and impart a way of being in the world that is compassionate, critical, creative and bound up with a vision for a more just global community.

Sherry B. Shapiro, 2015 

The objectives of this research were fourfold: 

To gain a better understanding of dance for young audiences (DYA) dissemination across Canada by undertaking a statistical and qualitative analysis of the field

To create a baseline of data from which to map progress and identify gaps in information available going forward

To identify challenges in the dissemination of DYA as well as best practices

To make recommendations that might inform and contribute to sustainable long-term de­velopment of the field


The lead on this research initiative is La danse sur les routes (DSR), on behalf of the Alliance of Canadian Dance Networks (ACDN).


Anne Valois and André Courchesne have been mandated by La Danse sur les routes du Québec, on behalf of the Alliance of Canadian Dance Networks, to provide a diagnosis and make recommendations on the dissemination of dance for young audiences (DYA) in Canada. The research aims to:

  • Enable all actors and stakeholders to become aware of the state of the dissemination of dance for young audiences and all audiences in Canada, as well as its issues and best practices.
  • Identify possible solutions and make recommendations for the creation, mediation and dissemination of dance for young audiences and all audiences, including recommendations that could also affect other disciplines.

In order to carry out this mandate, both qualitative and quantitative data were collected. Here is the methodology chosen for this research.

  • Quantitative Data on Dance Companies
  • Qualitative Data from Dance Companies, Presenters and Funders
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data from Presenters
  • Advisory Committee and Staff


L’organisation sélectionnée n’est pas
membre de La danse sur les routes.