Parcours Danse / 2010 Edition / Welcome Message from the President

Regular attendees know how much I hold dear this annual event organized by La danse sur les routes (La DSR). So imagine how excited I am for the 2010 edition! In fact, this year’s Parcours Danse has been organized by a completely independent DSR, a success achieved after a long and demanding process. But what a wonderful gift - especially with the Holidays approaching!

This process actually led us to a deep introspection; it provoked a profound, but healthy, rethinking of our raison d’être and our desire to work together on behalf of dance. Considering the future plans born from this two-year period of reflection, evaluation and cooperation, the process was well worth the effort. This is a new era for DSR—and there are plenty of ideas, projects and challenges in view. However, looking at the work that has already been done, we face the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

At present, it’s important to implement change and that’s why this edition of Parcours Dance has special importance. Specifically, it marks a new phase of development for La danse sur les routes and we hope that we’ll be able to create an environment that will encourage you to play a role. In truth, that’s been our goal all along—to create a space where we could work together to promote a better and more widespread influence of dance!

Please accept my warmest and most enthusiastic welcome!

Claude de Grandpré, President

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December 2010
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