Compagnie de création OPTIKX


Available to tour for seasons: 2027-28, 2026-27, 2025-26, 2024-25

Photo credit

Performer(s) in the photo: Giverny Welsch

Photographer: Jean-François Boisvenue




65 min.

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Target audience(s)

All Audiences


Contemporary, Dance theater, Indoors, Mediation available, Digital, Official selection Parcours Danse 2023


Through a series of scenes that are at times explosive, at times subdued, or even minimalist and captivating, Jean-François Boisvenue and Giverny Welsch combine dance, video, electronic music and robotics to create a choreographic work that is rich in contrast. In this multidisciplinary work for a performer and six robotic arms, machine and human seek to imitate, match and surpass each other. Failing that, they will end up trying to collaborate by taking advantage of their respective skills. “Æmulus” therefore offers a reflection on the relationship between humanity and technology as well as its impact on the notion of corporeality. At the time of the advent of the generalization of artificial intelligence in our lives, this work focusses more precisely on the notion of surveillance as well as on the relationship between matter and perception, between the observer and the observed, between the emulator and the emulated.


Jean-François Boisvenue, Giverny Welsch


Co-choreographer, video and digital designer: Jean-François Boisvenue
Performer and co-choreographer: Giverny Welsch
Sound designer: Arthur Champagne
Lighting design: Marguerite Hudon
Artistic advisor: Armando Meniccaci
Artificial vision developer: Alexandre Gauvin
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
Canada Council for the Arts
Conseil des arts de Montréal
La Chapelle | Scènes Contemporaines
Ville de Notre-Dame-des-Prairies
SIT Scènes Interactives Technologiques
Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda


Jean-François Boisvenue
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