Ample Man Danse


Available to tour for seasons: 2024-25, 2023-24

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Performer(s) in the photo: Valmont Harnois, Juan Sebastian Hoyos Correa, Gabrielle Simard et Liane Thériault

Photographer: Marc Bourgeois




65 min.

Number of interpreter(s)


Target audience(s)

Adult, Elders, Families, Youth, Youth (13 years and over)


Contemporary, Indoors, Mediation available, Official selection Parcours Danse 2023


An epic choreography revolving around the famous “Trotteur”, the man – the legend – who ran faster than horses, ships and trains!

Five dancers present a dynamic – and at times equine – dance inspired by the personality, passion and eccentricity of Alexis Lapointe (1860 – 1924), known as the “man-horse.”

Marginalized and derided by loved ones who refused to accept his idiosyncracies, this Quebec folk hero with extraordinary physical abilities became a beloved fair animal during his time, widely revered for his exploits and applauded with an admixture of curiosity and admiration. How would ALEXIS – the eternal teenager who dared to magnify his differences – be received today?

A century after the death of the “Trotteur”, Ample Man Danse pays tribute to the man through a choreographic process that pairs contemporary dance with on-stage interactivity in an effort to explore the mechanisms at work behind the creation of legends, with a desire to emancipate the character and his need to exist in the eyes of others serving as leitmotif.


Simon Ampleman


Choreographer: Simon Ampleman
Performers: Simon Ampleman, Valmont Harnois, Juan Sebastian Hoyos Correa, Gabrielle Simard and Liane Thériault
Playwright: Mélanie Viau
Rehearsal director: Claude Bellemare
Lighting designer: Joëlle LeBlanc
Sound environment designer and original music composer: Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier
Costume Designer: Jonathan Beaudoin
Acting Advisor: Frédéric Cloutier

With the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal


Simon Ampleman
514 623-3840
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Date and time





24 November 2024,

14h00 (familial)

25 November 2024,

10h00 (scolaire) 13h (option -scolaire)

26 November 2024,

10h00 (scolaire) 13h (option -scolaire)

27 November 2024,

10h00 (scolaire) 13h (option -scolaire)

6 February 2025,




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