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Ferrari en feu

Available to tour for seasons: 2026-27, 2025-26, 2024-25, 2023-24

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Performer(s) in the photo: Amélie Gagnon, Julia-Maude Cloutier

Photographer: Photos: Sebastien Durocher




30 min.

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Target audience(s)

All Audiences


Contemporary, Street Dance, Indoors, In situ, Official selection Parcours Danse 2023


Ferrari en feu is an ode to freedom.

With audacity and spontaneity, the duo transforms constraint into a place of possibility. In the small and unstable surface of two chairs, the performers compose with discomfort, put themselves in tension, seek to enlarge the space inside and outside them. Like a road trip, they progress through the multiple stations that make up the scenic area like so many landscapes and encounters that inhabit them.

The Ferrari, a triumphant symbol of opulence and the acceleration of the pace rhythm of modern life, Julia-Maude Cloutier and Amélie Gagnon thwart the pressure, resist the speed in a gesture whose space-time seems malleable, even stopped. Dance invites a change of perspective.

A site specific and a stage version of this piece is available.


Amélie Gagnon, Julia-Maude Cloutier


Choreography and interpretation: Julia-Maude Cloutier and Amélie Gagnon
Music design: Narcisse – Jorie Pedneault
Lighting design: Luc Vallée
Scenography: Mathieu Gotti
Production: Le CRue


Julia-Maude Cloutier
(418) 265-2811 ;
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