Agora de la danse

Koros – Une expérience virtuelle en danse contemporaine

Available to tour for seasons: 2024-25, 2023-24

Photo credit

Performer(s) in the photo: Andrea Peña

Photographer: Do Phan Hoi




40 min.

Target audience(s)

Adult, Elders, Youth (13 years and over)


Contemporary, Digital, Official selection Parcours Danse 2023, Videodance


Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a theatre stage, completely immersed in a performance with the dancers. By means of the magic of a virtual reality helmet, that is now possible. In a 40-minute experience, you plunge into the heart of three emblematic works from their repertoires, adapted especially for the occasion: The Complex Simplicity of Love by Margie Gillis, Allegro Barbaro by Hélène Blackburn and 6.58 manifesto by Andrea Peña. Discover contemporary dance in a new light, a new way of experiencing the body in movement!


Hélène Blackburn, Margie Gillis, Andrea Peña Albarracin


Hélène Blackburn / Cas Public – Allegro Barbaro
Choreography and artistic direction: Hélène Blackburn
Rehearsal director: Jérémy Galdeano
Performers: Cai Glover, Alexander Ellison, Laura Vande Zande, Adrian Maxwell-Campagna, Élodie Scholtes Labrecque, Aicha Ben Chaaboune, Mateo Picone, Raphael Bouchard, Florence Hughes, Anja Fanslau
Music: Martin Tétreault
Lighting design: Emmanuel Landry in collaboration with Hélène Blackburn
Costumes: Michael Slack

Margie Gillis – The Complex Simplicity of Love
Choreography and Artistic Direction: Margie Gillis
Performers: Margie Gillis, Geneviève Boulet, Susan Paulson
Lighting Design: Pierre Lavoie
Music: G.F. Häendel – Singers: Quartom, Kerry Bursey, Benoit Le Blanc, Philippe Martel, Julien Patenaude
Costumes: Denis Gagnon, Sonya Bayer
Coordinator: Anita Czeski

Andrea Peña – 6.58 Manifesto
Artistic Director: Andrea Peña
Choreography: Andrea Peña in co-creation with the artists
Performers: Nicholas Bellefleur, Gabby Kachan, Jean-Benoît Labrecque, Jontae McCrory, Erin O’loughlin, Francois Richard, Frédérique Rodier, Laura Toma – Soprano: Erin Lindsay
Sound Designer: Marc Bartissol alias dull
Set Design: Andrea Peña, Alexis Gosselin
Set Design: Jonathan Saucier
Artistic Advisor: Hélène Simard
Lighting Designer: Hugo Dalphond
Costumes: Polina Boltova, Rodolfo Moraga
VR Production Assistant: Bobby Leon

Production: Agora de la danse
Artistic Direction: Francine Bernier
Associate producer and Technical director: Alex Larrègle
Logistic Coordination: Tiffany Penet, Vanessa Bousquet
Stage Manager: Emmanuel Landry
Artistic Direction: Studio La Fougue
Executive Producer: Alexandre Barrette
Director: Francis Corbeil
Unreal Engine integrator: Marc-Antoine Gautreau
Data-Wrangler: Mélisandre Bouchard-Berger
Sound Designer: Marc-Olivier Germain


Frédérique Doyon
514 525-7575 poste 242
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