Vâtchik Danse - Nasim Lootij et Kiasa Nazeran


Available to tour for seasons: 2027-28, 2026-27, 2025-26, 2024-25, 2023-24

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Performer(s) in the photo: Nasim Lootij

Photographer: Narcisse E. Esfahani




30 min.

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All Audiences


Artist said of diversity, Contemporary, Indoors


“The past is never dead, it’s not even past,” said William Faulkner. So it is present, and its presence sometimes weighs heavily on the shoulders of those who lead a life burdened by socio-political events. Some of these people try to represent the heaviness of these events in words or images. Such is the case of the German philosopher Hannah Arendt, who lived through one of the most frightening periods of the 20th century. This experience enabled her to liken the mind to a battlefield where the forces of the past and future clash (Crise de la culture, 1972). This metaphor, along with the sights and sounds Nasim saw and heard of the Iranian revolution (1979) and the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), inspired her to create the solo Moi-Me-Man.


Nasim Lootij, Kiasa Nazeran


Production: Vâtchik Danse / Choreographer and Performer: Nasim Lootij /Dramaturge : Kiasa Nazeran / Lighting Designer and Technical Director: Benoit Larivière / Sound Designer: Nasim Lootij / Sound Supervisor: Alex Lachapelle Raymond


Nasim Lootij
514 746-7303
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