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Performer(s) in the photo: Ella Steele, Steven Noronha, David Lafleur, Leighton Harrell, Laura Donaldson, Aidan McConnell et Veronica Simpson (gauche à droite)

Photographer: E.S. Cheah




15 min.

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All Audiences


Indoors, Official selection Parcours Danse 2023


Following three movements that explore identity, transformation, and thresholds in relation to sense of self, this 15 minute multidisciplinary collaboration consists of Tap dance, performance art, live original modern Jazz music compositions, and video projection. Mirror/Water/Doorway features four dancers and three musicians. It is conceptualized, choreographed, and performed by (in)sight’s artistic directors in collaboration with bassist, composer, and musical director, Leighton Harrell, and videographer Leigh Lugosi.

At its core, a mirror is a reflective object. Functionally, it enables the perception of the self, a molecular assembly dictated by genes, simultaneously influenced by societal norms. Water is an energy-filled state of irregularity and transformation evoking the dichotomy between movement and immobility. The door embodies two contrary functions – to connect and separate – sharing a dualistic meaning of protection and communication. It is a reflection between past, present and future. These ideas reflect the constant shifts in everyday life. (in)sight zooms in on the beautiful, messy, heartbreaking, uplifting, tumultuous, and wonderful human experience and explores what it means to navigate this world within the lens of mirrors, water, and doorways.

The original Jazz music compositions will guide the performers and audiences through dynamic full bodied movements and historically rooted yet modern sound, lively stage pictures, and video projection that is an artful reflection on who we are, how we navigate change, and how we move forward. Seeking to rethink and shatter the conventional codes of Tap dance, maintain respect for their community and its deep historical link to the cultural heritage of Jazz music, the performers will bring Tap dance and Jazz music into a space of invigorating artistic exploration.


David Lafleur, Ella Steele


Choreographers and performers: Ella Steele and David Lafleur
Musical director and performer: Leighton Harrell
Videographer: Leigh Lugosi
With financial support from Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and Toffan Rhythm Projects.


David Lafleur
819 328-6591
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