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The Smile Club – Film

Available to tour for seasons: 2026-27, 2024-25, 2023-24, 2025-26

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Performer(s) in the photo: Sara Harton




18 min.

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Target audience(s)

Adult, All Audiences


Official selection Parcours Danse 2023


“The Smile Club,” directed by Brittney Canda and choreographed by Kyra Jean Green, is a film that explores the themes of mental health and happiness through expressed through compelling and mesmerizing choreography. With original music composed by Pascal Champagne, preproduction by Telescope Films, and post-production by Monse Muro, the film has received financial support from CALQ to complete the post-production and create an 18-minute film based on the stage work.

The film follows a concrete storyline that begins with solos introducing each character and sets the stage for a journey at the Smile Institute, where the dance sequences push physical limits with acrobatic influences. Despite the dark themes explored, the performance is comical and leaves audience members with a smile on their faces. Inspired by the alleged psychiatric practices in Budapest during the Great Depression, The Smile Club offers a different perspective on mental health, where the approach to healing is rooted in self-acceptance and autonomy.

The film depicts the patients as the story’s heroes and empowers audience members by showcasing how they can directly impact their well-being and those around them. The choreography, portrayed through solos and large group sections, shows people with various mental health conditions who are institutionalized for experimental treatment, ultimately leading to a liberation scene that is both darkly funny and uplifting.

The dancers move in tightly synchronized unison, performing rapid isolations, floorwork, and lifts, further emphasizing the themes explored in the film. It is a fairy tale about creating happiness, making it relevant and fundamentally human. With its captivating storyline and powerful choreography, “The Smile Club” leaves a lasting impression on its audience, reminding them to always find joy and happiness within themselves.


Kyra Jean Green


This film was supported and made possible by Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec

Concept and Choreography Kyra Jean Green

Directed by Brittney Canda

Director of Photography Antoine Ryan

Performances by Geneviève Gagné

Kyra J Green

Marco Édouard

Sara Harton

Janelle Hacault

Alex Carlors

Charles-Alexis Desgagnés

Emmanuelle Martin

Musical Director – Pascal Champagne

Music by
Pascal Champagne
Mackenzie Jordan

Steve Lavery

Meg Contini

Sally Sharr

Produced by Trip the Light Fantastic and Telescope Films

Executive Producer Samuel Caron

Line Producer Laurence Wells

Post-Production Producer Monse Muro

Costume Design – Damian Siqueros and Brittney Canda

Costume construction and Set Dresser – Faustine Bozec

Art Director – Geneviève Boiteau

Assistant Art Director – Laurence PB

1st Assistant Director – Laurence Wells

1st Assistant Camera – Léa Barsalou

Script Writer – Tara McGowen Ross

Sound Design by Peter Hostak

Color Grading by Beatrice Trembaly

Edit by Brittney Canda

Sound Recordist – Grégoire Van de Maele

Production Manager – Éloïse Carpintero

Grip and Camera B Operator – Evangelos Desborough

Production Coordinator – Marjorie Gauvin

Production Assistant – Anthony Ryan

Production Assistant – Guillaume Chabot

Production Assistant – Axel Robin

Special Thanks to Hun Parmar, Mac Cosmetics, Festival Quartiers Danses


Kyra Jean Green
514 655-6469


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