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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Download this call (PDF)

Would you like to present an offstage dance show? Do you want to strengthen your distribution efforts? Do you like sharing and team work? Submit your project to Jouer dehors 2021!

Deadline: Midnight on May 28, 2020


  1. Complete the form;
  2. The application fees are $ 45.99 ($ 40 + taxes) but DSR offers the possibility of fee of $ 0 as a gesture of solidarity;
  3. Rules.

Provided services:

  • Group training sessions;
  • Individual coaching;
  • Coordination of shared resources and information;
  • Collective promotional tools, including a brochure and a promotional video;
  • Collective promotional campaign intended for 800 programmers.

Video presentation

It is possible to submit a video of yourself presenting your project, if you judge that your project would benefit from an oral presentation rather than a written presentation. You can answer the questions in section 5 by video. And respond in writing for the other sections. Contact Aude Watier for further questions.

Designed and conducted by La danse sur les routes du Québec, Jouer dehors is a professional development program for the presentation of dance. It is intended for artists who have created an artwork to be performed offstage (in situ).

For the past ten years, it has proven to be a fantastic professional development tool for around forty companies and choreographers as well as being the catalyst for a new circuit of dance programming. It presents between 75 and 160 performances outdoors every year. This success led Made In BC — Dance on Tour to start a twin program: Arts outside, with which an artistic exchange collaboration has been established for three years.

In addition, the Jouer dehors program was named as a structuring project for the circulation of artworks by the CALQ in its 2019-2022 action plan report for the circulation of the performing arts in Quebec.

The official programming for Jouer dehors focuses on excellence. It features the creations of choreographers from all backgrounds and types of in situ dance. In situ: piece that can be presented everywhere except in the performance hall: outdoors, in a gallery, a museum, etc.