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  • For young audiences (primary school)
  • Youth-friendly (secondary school)
  • Family-friendly
  • Francois Gagné, Janie Richard, Solveig Chicoisne, Mateo Picone, Amets Santxes Munain, Jonathan Loyer, Véronique Giasson

    Photo: Jérôme DeLapierre/Claude Caron
  • Francois Gagné, Janie Richard, Solveig Chicoisne, Amets Santxes Munain, Jonathan Loyer, Véronique Giasson

    Photo: Claude Caron
  • François Gagné, Amets Santxes Munain, Mateo Picone

    Photo: Claude Caron


  • Total duration: 60 min
  • Pinocchio, created in 2015, is in the process of being updated and revamped for the 2020-21 season. A new version is in creation, which will adopt the very successful format of Ballet Ouest's Nutcracker and Ella productions, which integrate young dancers from each region visited in the production!

    Created, directed and choreographed by Claude Caron, Pinocchio is a production aimed at young audiences that addresses a problem that too many children and adolescents experience: bullying. Inspired by Carlo Collodi's tale, this creation modernizes this classic of literature.

    Different from other children, Pinocchio is a victim of bullying. Throughout its story, this piece exposes the impacts of bullying and the results of Pinocchio's choices. The staging, which includes references to social networks - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat - is punctuated with multimedia presentations and digital images to reach young people in a visual language that they understand.

    Claude Caron's creative imagination allowed him to make a connection with Pinocchio's story that he transposes into our current world for a better impact on the target audience. Reworking this famous tale allowed him, on the one hand, to rely on a solid and well-known narrative frame, and on the other hand to make the viewer understand that the problem is not a recent phenomenon of society, but rather one that increases in scale due to current technological means.

    • Year of premiere: 2015
    • Target audience: Grand public, Famille, Jeunesse, Jeune public (7 ans +)
    • Choreographer(s): Claude Caron
    • Performer(s): 8 danseurs
    • Collaborator(s): Costumes : Caroline Rivard; Éclairages : Les Productions Tinkerbell; Musique : Compositeur Claude Caron, Arrangement Michael Daigle; Scénographie : Multimédia - Jérôme DeLapierre.
    Last update: 8 novembre 2019