• Sandy Bessette, Xavier Malo

    Photo: Alex Paillon
  • Photo: Xavier Malo
  • Sandy Bessette et Simon Fournier

    Photo: Catherine Jobin
  • Sandy Bessette, Xavier Malo

    Photo: Alex Paillon


  • Sandy Bessette (chorégraphe indépendante) / La Marche du Crabe
  • Total duration: 45 min
  • Remous Remis approaches the concerns of a brother-sister relationship. Complicity, sharing and collaboration alternate with misunderstanding, stubbornness and compromise to find solution to conflicts. The relational conflicts take form throughout games and roleplaying between a brother and sister. Reflecting my own childhood, the tools used to illustrate such a story are objects from everyday life as well as their own body. They dance, play, imitate each other and even do acrobatics to share their imagination together. A lamp, hanging from the ceiling, is the only rooted element in the show. The blanket, the chair and the cardboard rolls are transforming throughout the show into animal, tools and exotic objects by the power of their imagination. Down below are some pictures taken during the creation of the show in 2012 at La place des arts.

    • Year of premiere: 2011
    • Target audience: Grand public (3 ans et plus)
    • Performer(s): Sandy Bessette, Xavier Malo ou Simon Fournier
    • Collaborator(s): Costumes: Sandy Bessette; Éclairages: Paul Chambers; Musique: Nicolas Martz; Scénographie: Agnès D’At.
    Last update: 18 novembre 2015