• Alma Buholzer, Claudel Doucet, Dana Dugan, Laura Lippert, Maude Parent

    Photo: Pascha Marrow
  • Marie-Eve Bélanger et Bonny Giroux

    Photo: Pascha Marrow


  • Total duration: 85 min
  • La Putain de Babylone is a reinterpretation of the Creation of the World and of the Book of Revelations that depicts the dichotomies intrinsic to the notions of bad and good. This approach aims for the depolarization and acceptance of pleasure and perversion as integral parts of humanity.

    La Putain de Babylone, a seven-headed and ten-horned creature, is the mother of prostitutes and all abomination in the World. Created by God to fulfill his desires, She’s drunk on the immoralities and impurities of this world. Hell is God’s Paradise which He creates and where He places his Whore to possess Her better. God takes care of Her, loves Her, nourishes Her and makes sure She grows properly by showing Her the right path to depravation.

    • Year of premiere: 2015
    • Target audience: Adulte
    • Choreographer(s): Andréane Leclerc
    • Performer(s): Andréane Leclerc, Marie-Ève Bélanger, Éliane Bonin, Dana Dugan, Bailey Eng, Bonny Giroux, Chloé Ouellet Payeur
    • Collaborator(s): Costumes et scénographie : Marilène Bastien; Éclairages : Alexis Bowles; Assistant aux éclairages : David Desrochers; Parfumeuse : Isabelle Michaud; Conseil à la dramaturgie et oeil extérieur : Nathalie Claude; Musique : The Tiger Lillies; Spatialisation sonore : Joël Lavoie; Bibliste : Sébastien Doane
    Last update: 18 septembre 2017