• Francis Ducharme, Riley Sims

    Photo: Mathieu Doyon


  • Danse Mutante is a duo performed by Francis Ducharme and Riley Sims destined to multiple mutations as it will pass through the hands of four fierce female choreographers scattered on three continents: Mélanie Demers (Montreal), Ann Liv Young (New York), Kettly Noël (Bamako) and Ann Van den Broek (Antwerp/Rotterdam). According to a set of parameters (working with two performers, a limited period of creation, duration, etc.), each choreographer is invited to create her own version of the piece by remixing, reinventing and corrupting as she pleases its last version. The project will culminate in Montreal in the fall of 2019 with a marathon event at Agora de la danse.

    Political in its creation more than in its topic, Danse Mutante is an “open-data” project, which examines migration, integrity, identity and the sources of ideas. In a world where ideas travel with unprecedented speed but where borders are closed on themselves, Danse Mutante reinvents collaboration and explores the concept of co-creation by proposing a way of working at a distance. It is an opportunity for the public to discover the mystery of creation and the beauties of transmutations, as in the application of a small theory of evolution.

    • Year of premiere: 2018
    • Choreographer(s): Mélanie Demers, Ann Liv Young, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek, en collaboration avec les interprètes
    • Performer(s): Francis Ducharme, Riley Sims
    • Collaborator(s): Dramaturgie : Angélique Willkie; Répétitrice : Anne-Marie Jourdenais; Assistant à la chorégraphe : Nik Rajšek (M3); Lumière : Alexandre Pilon-Guay (V0+M1+M2+M3), Ann Van den Broek (M3;) Direction technique : Julien Veronneau; Régie son : David Blouin; Musique originale : Mykalle Bielinski (V0); Installation sonore : David Blouin (V0), Olivier Girouard (V0); Auteur et compositeur : Tom Barman Live pour la chanson Everybody's weird (M3); Conseiller son : Nicolas Rambouts (M3); Costumes : Mélanie Demers, Ann Liv Young, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek; Accessoires : Mélanie Demers, Ann Liv Young, Kettly Noël, Ann Van den Broek, Max-Otto Fauteux; Cinéaste-documentariste : Xavier Curnillon

    Résidences de création : Centre de Création O Vertigo (V0), Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique (V0+M1+M2), Donko Seko (M2), cultuurcentrum Berchem (M3), Theater Rotterdam (M3), Agora de la danse (V0+M1+M2+M3)

    Coproduction Agora de la danse, Theatrefestival Boulevard

    Développé avec le soutien du Fonds national de création du Centre national des Arts (CNA)

    Capsules vidéos développées avec le soutien de la Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault

    Last update: 25 janvier 2018