• Areli Moran, Paige Culley

    Photo: Daina Ashbee
  • Areli Moran, Paige Culley

    Photo: Daina Ashbee
  • Areli Moran

    Photo: Daina Ashbee


  • Centre de Création O Vertigo - CCOV
  • Total duration: 70 min
  • Unrelated is a dark work that expresses the cruelty and vulnerability confronted by Indigenous women in Canada, while exploring the self, cultural destruction, violences and self-destruction. With a disconcerting lucidity, Unrelated boils with feelings of emptiness and erupts with violence suggesting the loss of culture, identity and community. Stunningly interpreted by Areli Moran and Paige Culley Unrelated is a study of corporeal sub-conscience and Ashbee’s deconstruction and transformation of her own self-image. It is a deliberately disturbing and sensual creation.

    • Year of premiere: 2014
    • Target audience: Adulte
    • Choreographer(s): Daina Ashbee
    • Performer(s): Paige Culley, Areli Moran
    • Collaborator(s): Scénographie : Daina Ashbee; Musique: Bashar C#; Éclairage: Timothy Rodrigues.
    Last update: 29 janvier 2018