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  • Ja Britton Johnson

    Photo: Trung Dung Nguyen
  • Lucy M. May

    Photo: Philip Fortin (video still)


  • Lucy M. May (chorégraphe indépendante)
Note: This record is being updated.
  • Total duration: 7 min
  • A living room in disarray, the aftermath of unspoken conversations. Two people writhe, their skins straining to hold the volumes of their bodies. Sinking into suspended animation, two exceptionally candid and rubato performers traverse parallel expressions of a nearly-shared reality, while monsters, uncomfortably near, claw at the walls.

    Commissioned for the “Monster’s Ball” edition of the Total Space Party-Moulting was created around the question “what or who is a monster?” Lucy M. May and Ja Britton Johnson aka Jigsaw, a veteran Krump dancer, dive into the question, giving weight to movement’s transformative powers. Moulting reflects a search for personal and collective growth and healing. Their performance wrestles with big questions in the face of present day monstrosities.
    • Year of premiere: 2018
    • Target audience: Jeunesse, Adulte, Grand public, Famille
    • Choreographer(s): Lucy M. May
    • Performer(s): 2
    • Collaborator(s): Éclairages : Lucy M. May; Musique : Orchestra of Constant Distress; Scénographie : Lucy M. May.
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    Last update: 17 octobre 2018