• Manuel Roque

    Photo: Marilene Bastien
  • Manuel Roque


  • A present-day study about surpassing oneself, bang bang is a stage creation for a kamikaze soloist that has resistance as a theme. The work follows a score that is also an ordeal. It both literally and figuratively questions the notion of performance, from the space of representation to the metaphors of our contemporary Western pace of life. Progressively, sweat begins to trickle, faults become alive, the intimacy of being appears in the background. The performer dances until he loses himself, until the why and the how stop making sense, until the necessity of presence has vanished. All the while, the spectators travel along through kinesthetic empathy. No narrative, only a lonesome body, immersed in the exhilaration of an ordeal in which pleasure and suffering mix together and modestly come to life in a paradoxical, ambiguous and multifaceted space.

    bang bang is a personal-and therefore universal-contemporary ritual that allows the body to express itself at its most combative and desperate, at its most free.

    • Target audience: Grand public
    • Choreographer(s): Manuel Roque
    • Performer(s): Manuel Roque
    Last update: 28 novembre 2017