• Kim-Sanh Châu

    Photo: Ray Lavers
  • Kim-Sanh Châu, Nhung Vo, Camille Lélu

    Photo: Ray Lavers
  • Kim-Sanh Châu et Camille Lélu

    Photo: Ray Lavers


  • Total duration: 60 min
  • BLEU NÉON is a collective project by 3 dance artists: Kim-Sanh Châu (France/Vietnam/Canada), Nhung Võ (Vietnam), and Camille Lélu (France). The piece incorporates two key concepts: ritual and energy. Using lights collected in Saigon during their residency, the collective creates rituals based on lighting elements. On top of their dramaturgical function, they also represent the city and its population. In addition, a large part of the research will be devoted to the energy link between dancers and space (including public). Believing in the idea of the body as sensory and emotional vector, dancers will focus on the transmission of the work to others in their research. The performance consists of independent and simultaneous dances. These would take place at different points in the space and will be performed for a small group of people walking around the performance.

    • Year of premiere: 2019
    • Target audience: Grand public, Famille, Adulte
    • Choreographer(s): Kim-Sanh Châu, Nhung Vo et Camille Lélu
    • Performer(s): Kim-Sanh Châu, Nhung Vo, Camille Lélu
    • Collaborator(s): Éclairages : Andrea Rideout; Musique : Chittakone Baccam; Scénographie : Kim-Sanh Châu
    Last update: 25 février 2019