• Emile Pineault

    Photo: Romain Huck
  • Emile Pineault

    Photo: Romain Huck
  • Emile Pineault

    Photo: David Wong


  • Total duration: 60 min
    • Year of premiere: 2018
    • Target audience: Adulte
    • Choreographer(s): Emile Pineault
    • Performer(s): Emile Pineault
    • Collaborator(s): Éclairages et scénographie : Julien Brun; Conception son : Joël Lavoie; Conseils dramaturgiques : Sebastian Kann; Regards extérieurs : Peter James, Mimi Jeong

    In NORMAL DESIRES, Emile Pineault invites us to open ourselves to acrobatic sensation. A lone figure on stage constantly overflows itself, its edges blurred in kinetic ecstasy. Impact, flux, repetition, constraint, squeezing, pushing, heat, vibration - Pineault’s work moves us through a series of states and affective spaces, mobilizing not only the body but also the powerful technologies of the theatre space to convey a subtle yet intense physical experience.

    Emile Pineault is an experienced circus artist, and in this first solo work he takes a critical look at the conventions of acrobatic practice. Here, the circus body in no longer in a position of mastery but rather criss-crossed with lines of irresistible force. A deep engagement with light, sound, created live by Julien Brun and Joël Lavoie, and physical practice works towards the mediation of an acrobat’s ‘inner-motion’, proposing acrobatics as a shared experience - fleshy, rigorous, and intensely hypnotizing.

    Last update: 17 octobre 2019