• Lucie Grégoire

    Photo: Angelo Barsetti
  • Isabelle Poirier

    Photo: Sylvie-Ann Paré
  • Lucie Gregoire (chorégraphe)

    Photo: Angelo Barsetti


  • Total duration: 60 min
  • Created in 1994 and freely inspired by Paul Auster’s novel, In the Country of Last Things, this defining solo, the culminating point in an unremitting inquiry into identity, inhabited Lucie Grégoire for a long time. Today, she is passing it on to Isabelle Poirier, another very intense performer.

    In The Last Things, a woman emerges from the night, as if from a hidden, obscure territory. Her gestures scrutinize time; her body is ever poised to flee, to the point of transparency. In “the country of last things” where everything is disintegrating, she keeps wandering, impelled by the urgency of survival. The lighting by Alain Lortie and the music by Robert M. Lepage are bound up with the dance and envelop the stage in a cinematic aura filled with a veiled, yet inflamed sensuality.

    • Year of premiere: 2016
    • Target audience: Grand public
    • Choreographer(s): Lucie Grégoire
    • Performer(s): Isabelle Poirier
    • Collaborator(s): Costumes : Angelo Barsetti; Éclairages : Alain Lortie, remaniés par Marc Parent; Musique : Robert M. Lepage; Scénographie : Hélène Lussier, remaniée par Angela Rassenti.
    Last update: 11 octobre 2018