Welcome to Parcours Danse 2023

Excitement is running high in anticipation of this event, and we’re pleased to see that so many artists and presenters will be taking part to showcase their work or delight in the wealth of artistic talent on offer in Québec. This year’s edition of the flagship event, intended exclusively for the discipline of dance, will be the largest to date. The official selection will feature no fewer than 50 works, presented in full or in the form of excerpts, presentation/demonstrations, project presentations and dance films, thereby providing a unique window onto the diversity of aesthetic approaches at play in Québec’s thriving creative sector.

This week-long celebration of dance will see more than 50 OFF events further complement an already-rich array of artistic practices. This is a unique opportunity to discover a full slate of artists from Québec and Canada, and see their work performed in leading dance venues both in Montreal and beyond…

The perfect participant’s guide

Restaurants, lodging, map of Parcours Danse locations… Do you believe that you’ve thought of everything so that you can enjoy this week-long event to the fullest?

The biennale team has also thought to make your life easier by including a practical information section on our website. You’ll find complete details on shuttle and cocktail schedules, along with the welcome protocol for Indigenous activity.

This is the perfect place to recover your personal schedule if you have misplaced it. All you need to do is complete this form using your registration email address, and acopy will be sent to you. You’ll also find a few informative elements concerning your arrival in unceded Indigenous territory.


Parcours Danse program PDF

For any questions about the practical information related to Parcours Danse, please contact:

Aurore Liang, Registration Officer – Parcours Danse 2023

Cell or WhatsApp: 514-806-7056


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