Compagnies / Mafa Dance Village

Présentation de la compagnie

Mafa Dance Village exist to enhance the knowledge and skills to become better social animators in an attempt to break the cultural silence by using dance as a vehicle, to document and tell our stories about the social issues that impact our lives, but also give opportunities to create new memories. We create works through research and explore movement in relation to our personal narratives and experiences. We strive to express those ideas that are inaccessible to the spoken or written word. We are interested in how dance can tell the stories of our lives and bring us together as a society. Our creation process draws attention to our unity by finding and dissecting the hints provided in our choices, relationships to others and to our-self.

Mafa Dance Village is a movement poet company that innovate in folk forms of African traditional, African contemporary, and Western-Contemporary. Our artistic goal and mission are to preserve and promote the finest traditions of African regions, African-Caribbean, and African-Contemporary dance and music through research, professional training, education and public performance. While also developing an Africanist movement aesthetic to create contemporary works that explore and express socially relevant themes related to the "BLACK" experience.

We are influenced by our understanding of dance as an accumulation of memories and history of our culture. We are inspired by our personal narratives and experiences, presenting them so viewers can identify and realize that as a culture we are undivided. Dance is an invisible evolution that becomes visible through movement, music and singing. What excites us is how art forms intersect within a diverse practice, and their understanding of how each component informs, transforms the other, and advocate the banishment of the notions that separate us.